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rymen of higher caste, lounger▓s seeking relief from the sunshin▓e outside.A sunken-eyed yout▓h wormed his way through the throng ▓and offered us guidance at two ann●as.We accepte


d, and followe▓d him down a branch passageway ●to the lead-colored pond in which unfastidious ●pilgrims washed away their sins; then ou▓t upon an open space for a ne▓arer view of the golden roofs.High up within,▓ whispered the youth, while Marten ●interpreted, dwelt a god; but we, as▓ white

men, dared not enter to verify the ▓asserti

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on. We turned back instead to● the quarters of the sacred elephants.He▓re seven of the jungle monsters▓, chained by a foot, thrashed▓ about over their supper of hay in a roofles

s▓ stable.They were as ready to accept a tuft● of fodder from a heathen sah●ib as from the dust-clad faquir ●who had tramped many a burning mi▓le to perform this holy act for th●e acquiring of merit.Children played in and ou●t among the animals.The large▓st was amusing himself by setting the ur▓chins, one by one, on his back.But in ▓the far corner stood another that eve▓n the clouted keepers shunned.The most sa●cred of a holy troop, our guide assured u●s, for he was mad, and wreaked a fur▓ious vengeance on whomsoever c●ame within reach of his writhing tru▓nk.Yet—if the sunken-eyed youth spoke t●ruly—it was no misfortune to have l

i●fe crushed out by this holie▓st of animals.The coolie sufferin●g that fate was reborn a far▓mer, the peasant a shopkeeper●, the merchant a warrior.Was it satisfa●ction with their station in life or a weakne▓ss of faith We noted that even t▓he despised sudras avoided the far corner. “▓And how about a white man” a▓sked Haywood. “A sahib,” said our guide, ▓“when he dies, becomes a crow.▓ There

fore are white men afraid to d●ie.” We

turned out again into the bazaars.N●aked girls, carrying baskets, were quarreli

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ng o▓ver the offal of passing beasts.The ●faade of every hut was decorated with splashes▓ of manure, each bearing the imprint of a ha▓nd.For fuel is there none in this treeles▓s land, save bois de vache. ▓ 294With nightfall, Haywood, promising to ▓return quickly, set out to vi▓sit the missionaries of Madura, to each of w●ho


m the Kansan had given him a note.Before he r▓ejoined us at the stati

on he had succeede▓d in “raising the wind” to▓ the sum of

three full fares to the ne▓xt city.Yet

he sneered at our extravagance

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